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Is kratom for you? This difference between kratom use and kratom abuse

Just like just about everything you put in your body that can be abused, kratom is no exception. Food is a big one, but even closer in relation is something like caffeine and there are many other harder examples but kratom is something that can be used as a good tool in your tool chest and should be used wisely. Too much of anything can lead to undesired or negative consequences and kratom should be experimented and used with respect and the knowledge that too much of anything is not necessarily good.

The best given scenario for kratom use would be if someone is using it occasionally when they find themselves wanting to relax or are needing something to take the edge off as two examples, yet we know that kratom has many other desired outcomes and beneficial uses. If you're just starting out with kratom and you don't know anything about it, please don't start out by taking it every day, multiple times a day especially because it may be something that you do not yet know enough about.

When starting with kratom use, you should know exactly why you're trying it in the first place, and you should have a game plan, a goal and a set path to follow to achieve that goal. You may need to have someone with knowledge in the subject to help you lay out that plan to said goal. When you discover something new that you think you like, you should not just start ingesting into your body daily and hope for the best. Kratom is more for those people that have already discovered themselves, have a set goal and are either going to use it once in a great while, or for those people that have made an educated decision that their quality of life is better with kratom, rather than without and have accepted what that means to them specifically because everyone's body will react different to kratom. Everyone will fall under different areas of this spectrum, but wherever you may be on this scale, make sure you have a desired outcome in mind before starting on your kratom journey.

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