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How to mask the taste of kratom

Updated: Mar 10, 2022

Kratom tastes somewhat like someone put a blend of grass, dirt and water in a blender and called it a day. Let's face it, there are very few people who like the taste of kratom, but all hope is not lost. In our opinion there is a number one way we think is 98% effective at taking away that unpalatable flavor and it has nothing to do with capsules. Capsules do work, but most people find their serving size to be to a level where it would make it somewhat of a chore to eat that many of them. We do carry eatable rice paper wraps that you can wrap a couple of grams in and then drink it with no flavor at all, but you have to do it fast before it dissolves in your mouth. Through trial and error, we have come to the conclusion that chocolate protein powder and milk is the best way

to disguise the taste and make taking your kratom drink just a bit less unpleasant. A normal scoop of protein powder along with about 100 to 200ml of milk, or about a quarter cup of milk seems to do the trick. We prefer to use an immersion blender but a normal blender or stirring for several minutes will also work. Through the process of trying several different chocolate proteins, we came around to having our favorite one. The plant based Orgain chocolate protein seemed to do a phenomenal job of making the kratom mixture seem like nothing more than chocolate milk. Effectiveness, price and accessibility all play a role in why we choose the Orgain protein as our best option. If you'd like to give it a try, we're going to drop our link here for Orgain chocolate protein and you can let us know if you agree.

Before discovering the wonders that chocolate protein powder and milk do for hiding the taste of kratom, we used to suggest orange juice, prune juice or grapefruit juice. The best part about choosing prune juice is that it helps keep you regular because kratom tends to back you up when taken too often but is nowhere near as effective at changing kratoms natural flavors. Some pros to choosing orange juice or any citrus juice is that if you let your kratom sit in it for a while it can help make your serving become stronger than it would be on its own. With Sanctum Kratoms' product there will be no need to try making it any stronger, and also make sure to not let your kratom sit in water too long or come in contact with water at all while being stored or it will cause mold. If you've ever been on the go and found that you needed to shake your kratom in one of our shaker cups, a bottle or any other shaker for that matter, you might have noticed that shaking it can cause an undesirable amount of foam. So much foam in fact that you may have found the need to scoop it out, but we have a suggestion for that as well. When making your kratom drink, right before shaking it up, adding a couple of tiny droplets of any cooking oil will prove to eliminate and prevent any foaming.

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