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Sanctum Kratom LLC kratom shaker and sports bottle

Sanctum Kratom LLC kratom shaker and sports bottle

This shaker is the best shaker possible for kratom.  This unique wicking mechanism gives the shaken consistency of a blender while on the go.  This shaker bottle is also available on Amazon and can be used for things other than kratom like protein shakes.  It has containers and pill compartments to put vitamins, more kratom or your house key while your hiking, jogging or working.  The compartments can hold a large amount of kratom inside them as well as a tremendous amount of mixed kratom that you can carry with you to pour out portions throughout the day.  This takes the hassle away from having to mix, blend or shake on the go and will be the perfect addition to your Sanctum Kratom powder collection to fit in great with your active lifestyle.


    $5 Off Each one (2 Or More)

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