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When trying a new stronger vendor or trying kratom your first time

Today we realized that some good may come from starting a blog to provide information related to certain topics surrounding kratom. Most people have probably never had seriously potent kratom and they have most likely been taking weak and inferior product for many years. When switching to our product from your previous vendor, start low and go up slowly because if you take too much you'll probably never want to take kratom again. Not everyone knows the side effects of taking too much and they don't feel good at all. You know you've taken too much when you feel dizzy, get a headache and have blurry vision. Noone wants to feel this way and it's better to start very low and feel nothing than it would be to feel the effects of taking too much. We'll elaborate more on the best way to figure out your own personal correct serving size later, or you can always send us a text and ask anytime! If you've never had our product and you feel any of those things mentioned, it means your taking too much and you need to significantly decrease the amount your taking! Kratom is not something that you can keep taking and feel better and better...there is a limit. You must figure out your own limits through trial and error and hopefully after this experimenting you'll still want to continue on your kratom journey. We have many friends that took too much their first time and they never want to try it again! Kratom is to be respected and used carefully until you fully understand how much your body will tell you is the right amount for you. For some people that amount is one gram, and for others it's much higher. Until next time, start low and go up slow!

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